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Special Announcements from NHQ

Nondiscrimination Letter CAP

UPDATED ABU wear instruction 24 Oct 16


11 June 2016 Feik, CAP & Aviation Icon, passes at age 92.  CLICK HERE for details.  Tribute movie

 30 June 2016 SECDEF Policy for Transgender Service Members. CLICK HERE for details.

30 June 2016 The attached Interim Change Letter extends the physical fitness beta test for all units currently participating.  It will remain in effect until the new Cadet Program Management regulation is published. CLICK HERE for details. 

10 Aug. 2016, Mr. Don Rowland, CAP National Headquarters’ Chief Operating Officer, announced his retirement after 31 years of service in CAP, 11 in the corporation’s top position.

The Board of Governors has selected Mr. John Salvador to serve as interim COO.

The application process for the position of NHQ’s COO is under development and will be announced soon.



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