Civil Air Patrol
  • Pocatello Squadron WAA 2017

Wing Staff


If you are interested in applying for a vacant position, please email your letter of intent to : Andrea Andrews –

Idaho Wing Commander: George Breshears, Col


Idaho Wing Vice Commander: James Haldy, Col-

Chief of Staff: Lt Col Justin Bekker-


Director of Cadet Programs: Scott Heins, Capt –


Chaplain: Otto Zuckschwerdt, Lt Col –

Government Relations: Clyde Glick, Lt Col –

Health Services: VACANT

Director of Communications: Eric Freeman, Maj-

Counterdrug Officer: Jeffrey Heins, Maj –

Director of Emergency Services: Mike Vorachek, Col –

Director of Finance: Jeff Heins, Maj –

Legal Officer: VACANT

Inspector General: Janet Hobbs, Lt Col –

Director of Logistics: Capt Edward Kurdy-

Supply Officer – VACANT

Maintenance Officer: James Haldy, Col –

Transportation Officer: Lt Col John Hezeltine-

Public Affairs Officer: Mitzi Breshears, Capt –

Director of Operations: Carl Baily, Capt –

Homeland Security Officer: Mike Vorachek, Col –

Standardization/Evaluation Officer: Bobby Picker, Col –

Director of Professional Development: Chris Barrera, Maj –

Testing Officer: James Haldy, Col –

Director of Safety: Paul Young, Capt –

Aerospace Education: Sarah Condon, SM-

Personnel: SM Isaiah LeMasters

Admin Officer -SM Isaiah LeMasters


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